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From "Robert P. J. Day" <>
Subject how to add a credit image to my forrest pages?
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 04:35:17 GMT

  i'm at a loss as to how to add an additional credit image and
link to my pages.

  in my skinconf.xml file, i can see the format for adding the
credit for the "built-with-forrest-button", and i want to add,
next to that, a "powered by linux" jpg file that i downloaded.

  i've made note of the project images directory, and i've tried
about half a dozen different combinations to get that jpg file
to display, to no avail.

  what's confusing is that the forrest graphic is not part of
the "src" tree -- it's pulled out of the forrest home directory,
so i can't use that as an analogy.

  what is the proper way to add a new credit graphic?  which
is the right directory for additional images?  i've tried both
the resources/images and skin images directory, and neither
seems to work, and i've run out of ideas.


p.s.  the initial is also a bit confusing
in its choice of names.  the "project content" directory is,
by default, src/documentation, despite the fact that there is
a lower-level directory whose name is, in fact, "content".

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