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From "Robert P. J. Day" <>
Subject tabs, and site.xml versus book.xml
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 12:29:44 GMT

  prelim:  as i understand it (and as it appears to work), if i define
a top-level site.xml file, that site file will define the navigation 
menu for all selections i make, even if some of those selections
take me into subdirectories.

  if i want to override the top-level site.xml file, i can add
specifically a book.xml file to whichever directory i want, and
that book.xml file will be used to define the menu for just that
sub-directory.  can only a book.xml file be used for this?  is
it possible to use lower-level site.xml files for this as well,
for the sake of consistency?

  and, taking this a bit further, if i want to define multiple tabs
for my site, normally, each tab would have an independent navigation
menu.  i know i can implement this by having a top-level site.xml
file for the first tab (say, "Home"), have subdirectories for each
of the remaining tabs, and use a book.xml file to define each of
*those* menus.

  is that the recommended way to do it?


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