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From "Robert P. J. Day" <>
Subject Re: newbie question -- book.xml versus site.xml
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2003 11:50:10 GMT
On 4 Jul 2003, David Crossley wrote:

> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >   first question -- as i read it, if there is a site.xml file, it
> > will be used.  if there is no such file, book.xml is used instead.
> That is correct. I presume that you have done 'forrest seed' to start
> a new project and have followed the "Using Forrest" and the "Menus and
> Linking" documents.

ah ... "menus and linking".  i hadn't gotten to that one yet, but i
had already figured out how to do basic links and hrefs and menus.  
next on my reading list.
> Ah yes, now i see why you may be confused - the former document still
> only talks about book.xml and does not mention site.xml ... we had
> better put that on the "to do" list.

i'm actually going from the "Using Forrest" guide (at least, the one
that came with the 0.4 tarball), and no, there is no apparent mention
of the site.xml file in there, although i did figure out what it was
for from the comments in the book-sample.xml file and the sample
site.xml file that came with forrest.

my confusion regarding those two files stemmed from the fact
that book.xml uses tags that can clearly validated against
a DTD, but the tags in the site.xml file appear to be arbitrary,
and are chosen to reflect however you want to refer to those
elements from another book.xml file.  for anyone used to XML
files and DTDs and validation, that might cause a bit of a
double take to see element names just appearing out of thin air
with no DTD for validation.  that is, if i understand that correctly.

second point: i did build a sample site already, and have numerous
.xml pages in subdirectories, and since i stuck to using book.xml
files at the top level and in the subdirectories, yes, i'm already
tired of hacking each book.xml file to add or delete "../".  ack.

if i want to switch to use a site.xml file, do i need only the
single top-level site.xml file, while all subdirectories would
use a book.xml file incorporating the "site:" syntax?

from the forrest 0.4 release notes, i read:

   book.xml files in subdirectories can now use site: URLs, removing the
     hassle of updating adding/deleting ..'s.

so i read that as, a single top-level site.xml, and book.xml
files in all subdirectories, yes?  

and any "site:" references in those book.xml files would have
to match the element names chosen for the site.xml file.


p.s.  i am not trying to be verbose.  i am merely succeeding. :-)

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