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From BERGER Arnaud <>
Subject xlinks not working ins SVG ?
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 14:13:13 GMT

Hi everyone,

Here I have JDK1.4.1 with Windows 2000 .

I've got a problem with the CVS forrest I've downloaded 2 days ago.

The SVG files which contain "xlink:href " are not correctly rendered.
With the exact same files, I had no problem with my last CVS forrest 0.5
(downloaded one month ago).

Here is an example :

 <svg xmlns=""
  width="286" height="84" viewBox="0 0 286 84">
	<image x="69" y="48" width="286" height="84"
		transform="translate(-17.5 -48.5) translate(-52 0.5)"/>
	<text fill="rgb(128,0,128)" font-size="16" font-family="Trebuchet"
		font-weight="bold" x="198px" y="72px"
transform="translate(-10 0.5)">CONTACT</text>

this SVG file appears with a "broken image" icon, but the text ("contact")
appears correctly.
the jpg image is at the right place, and the SVG shows correctly with
Batik's browser
( 1.5 beta 5 )

Here is another example (well, only the offensing part of it)

<g id="arrow" transform="scale(0.8) translate(-28.5 -32.5)">
<g id="graphics" >
<rect x="-5%" width="110%" height="185"/>
<circle cx="50%" cy="140" r="85"/>
<use xlink:href="#arrow" x="225" y="260"/>

In that case, I get a
  "   org.apache.batik.bridge.BridgeException: null:-1
An I/O error
      occured while processing the URI '#arrow' specified on the e
     lement <use>"
when executing "forrest site".
Here again, the SVG shows correctly with Batik's browser.

Both files were unchanged since I used them with CVS forrest from May-June,
and after some googlization, it seems like their may be a problem yet with
external references in SVG.

I don't know which forrest's changes may have changed this behavior.

Thanks in advance for any help,



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