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From g4 <>
Subject Java class src Dir?
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 17:23:46 GMT

Hi list, Hi Juan,

OK my progress with Forrest XSP / Xindice and XMLForms. XSP is working 
very well within Forrest, it's giving me all those little extras ;) I 
Shall be adding new findings to the Cocoon wiki at the w/end for anyone 
that's interested. I also have XMLForms working.

At the moment I'm trying to compile all my XML classes need by Xindice, 
I have a Database Manager class and a Form bean. OK I'd like to put 
those in org.apache.cocoon.db. Were do I put these in the source to 
build them in this location in the webapp?

Is it $FORREST_HOME/lib/endorsed/ ?

Also Juan, I've downloaded the latest CVS with your SVG patch, I'll 
check this out when I build Forrest again and give you some feedback. 
Could you also explain to me how you've got those variables to build on 
Forrest seed? hope this isn't to much of an ignorant question ;)


Jason Lane

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