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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject [RT] Transformation with xml
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 17:02:01 GMT
Hi there,

Forrest style sheets does not seem to be very tidy at the moment, I 
would like to suggest to get a bit of order.

On the nicola's diagram (the one made with jave) there is these 
transformations: Conversion and skinning, you can look at them as 
importer (*2document.xsl) and exporter (document2*.xsl). More 
generalize, you can view them as transformer process.

On each transform you have one of this options:

Equal Elemnts in both formats
Use xsl:copy

Downgrade Elements
Element exist on 1st format but not on the 2nd format. So you can:


The child elements can be transform to the new format.

Incorporate to a new element. Use class="Element" if empty, so It can be 
identify in the new format.

Define Templates for Entities

Out of the DTD I think that we can define templates with the same name 
when these entities are holders of others elements:

<!ENTITY % markup "strong|em|code|sub|sup">

<xsl:template name="markup">

I would be easier I guess.

Anyone has any input on this ( I hope so..)


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