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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: xsl:output
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 08:15:08 GMT
Thanks Upayavira

Upayavira wrote:
> Can't give a Forrest answer. A Cocoon answer says that <xsl:output> is
> ignored, as its function is carried out by the serializer. You can change
> the configuration of the XMLSerializer in the sitemap to get the same
> functionality.

so all the xsl:output tags on our stylesheets, should be removed to 
avoid confusion?

bookv10.xsl:  <xsl:output doctype-public="-//APACHE//DTD Cocoon 
Documentation Book V1.0//EN" doctype-system="book-cocoon-v10.dtd"/>
changes2rss.xsl:  <xsl:output method = "xml"
changesv10tochangesv11.xsl:  <xsl:output doctype-public="-//APACHE//DTD 
Changes V1.1//EN" doctype-system="changes-v11.dtd"/>
directory2book.xsl:  <xsl:output doctype-system="book-cocoon-v10.dtd" 
doctype-public="-//APACHE//DTD Cocoon Documentation Book V1.0//EN"/>
docbook2document.xsl:      <xsl:output method="xml" indent="yes" 
doctype-public="-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V1.1//EN" encoding="UTF-8"/>
docv10todocv11.xsl:  <xsl:output
docv20todocv12.xsl:  <xsl:output
dtdx2flat.xsl: <xsl:output indent="yes"/>
faqv10tofaqv11.xsl:  <xsl:output doctype-public="-//APACHE//DTD FAQ 
V1.1//EN" doctype-system="faq-v11.dtd"/>
faqv20tofaqv12.xsl:  <xsl:output doctype-public="-//APACHE//DTD FAQ 
V1.2//EN" doctype-system="faq-v12.dtd"/>
html2document.xsl:    <xsl:output method = "xml"
profile2page.xsl: <xsl:output indent="yes"/>
site2book.xsl:  <xsl:output doctype-system="book-cocoon-v10.dtd" 
doctype-public="-//APACHE//DTD Cocoon Documentation Book V1.0//EN"/>
site2site-selectnode.xsl:  <xsl:output indent="yes"/>
text2document.xsl:<xsl:output indent="yes"
wiki2document.xsl: <xsl:output indent="yes"
wiki2htmlpage.xsl: <xsl:output indent="yes" method="xml"/>
wiki2html.xsl: <xsl:output indent="yes" method="xml"/>


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