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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: [patch] faster, better copy-content
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 12:35:38 GMT

The idea of copying src files is bad as a whole. I belive that in the 
long run we will find a way to do it better.

So changing names for the sake of it, or usin sync instead of <copy 
overwrite="false"> on something that would be removed as a whole. it is 
not worthy I think.

If people think that should be change now, then I am cool with that, But 
I would like to see things getting more tidier than it is now, and not 
in the other way around.


> That's fine for now.  I would like to use <sync> for copy-content also, though.

>  Can we change the structure in tmp/ to 
> context/content/process
> context/content/raw
> IIRC, this is in alignment with the possible future directory structure. 
> Nesting directories makes them difficult to work with, as is evidenced by my
> attempt to use <sync>.
> Also, the current src/ structure is flawed because of nesting.  copy-content
> assumes that if there is a subdirectory called 'xdocs', it is
> ${project.xdocs-dir} and should be ignored.  What if I want a subdirectory
> called 'xdocs' that is raw content?  Won't work; copy-content ignores it.  Or
> what if I create a subdirectory called 'xml' and set ${project.xdocs-dir} to it?
>  copy-content will erroneously include it as part of my content in addition to
> copy-xdocs correctly copying it into the xdocs dir.
> Therefore, I think content/process and content/raw should be siblings in the
> tmp/ directory and in the src/ directory.  For now, I think it's possible to
> implement this in the tmp/ directory.  In future releases, we can make it the
> default for src/ if we want.
> By the way, I chose the 'process' name instead of 'xdocs' since non-xml files
> can be processed.  Anyone have an idea for a better name?  I'm not satisfied
> that 'process' is the most intuitive.  Especially since you could put raw files
> in the 'process' directory if you wanted to.

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