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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-forrest/src/resources/stylesheets text2document.xsl
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 08:50:58 GMT

> Not necessarily. The links *can* be there, or can oven not be there.
> For example, CSS styles can use images inside, but Cocoon does *not* 
> crawl CSS files!
> Or if we want to include some html as-is, Cocoon will not crawl them, 
> and the links that they have will not be copied.

I am not talking about that. I am talking about it a users wants to 
display a file as text then it can just add this on a book.xml:

<readme label="README" href="README.txt" />

> There has already been a discussion on this, and you have partecipated. 
> I regard that there was consensus, but if it's not the case please 
> explain why WRT that discussion.
> I will post a summary in a next mail titled "[SUMMARY] Cleaning Forrest 
> source directory madness".

I know that, AFAIK the only consensus was to leave for the next release 
AND "fix properly" meaning, get rid of special purpose directories 
altogether, and let the user partition things however they want.

>>> This would only be possible in a webapp, not a static generated 
>>> website.  Even
>>> then, most browsers can handle most formats.  It is normally the end 
>>> user who
>>> chooses if they want plain text (eg, to copy to a document), html 
>>> (eg, to
>>> browse), pdf (eg, to print).
>> 1) I can not see the technical reason of why "This would only be 
>> possible in a webapp". Please explain a bit futher.
> Content negotiation is dynamic. The CLI makes *one* request, not 
> different ones.

The static content that we created would be added to an apache webserver 
that provides the content negotiation.

I would like to create with forrest:

When added to an apache web server:

GET /content HTTP/1.1

should give me the right content based on my browser preferences.

>> 2) I do not talks just on formats, It could be diferent language.
>> 3) Not all the user agents are end users. A search engine bot who 
>> wants just the content in spanish.
>> It is not me who has these clever ideas (I wish!) , it is on the 
>> protocol stuff:
> Do you know Cocoon? Look at it, there are all the things you need.
> But remember that static versions of the site will always be less 
> dynamic, of course.

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