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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: site.xml tabs.xml part of content??
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 13:12:07 GMT
Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> Jeff,
>> Is a site menu classified as content, or metadata?
> If you take this definition then menu is not 
> metadata.
> but all the content for  Logo names, copyright, 'breadcrumb trail' links 
> and Credits goes under src/document/skin.conf
> So why menu and tabs are diferent?
>> Has the dog buddha-nature or not?
> Well, some animals do:


>> Since it appears in the HTML output, is i18n'izable, etc, I'd say it is
>> content.  Perhaps meta-content.  This view is strengthened the the fact
>> that really, we ought to be deriving most of site.xml directly from the
>> XML files themselves.
> I like the idea of delivering most of the elements directly from the xml 
> files, in fact, I saw this problem when I was playing with the 
> DirectoryGenerator, if you use it for the whole site, you need to 
> exclude book.xml, site.xml, tabs.xml files.

slighlty off topic, but your reference to the DirectoryGenerator 
makes me think about two things

1/ isn't there still this unclear dream of generating the 
site.xml, so maybe the question is not 'where should it be', but 
more fundamentally 'could it just not be' ;-)

2/ looking into the discussions on the recent 
'TraversableSourceGenerator' in cocoon-land... that might be 
prepping up to be a more logical way of working then good ol' libre ?

(missing the time ATM to look into it though)

>> More practically, I like site.xml in the content because then all the
>> hrefs are correct.  In my editor I can type 'gf' ("goto file") to quickly
>> traverse the href.
> I agree it is useful, but I am think it creates more confusion for 
> users. It is common to have just only one config directory instead of two.

I would rate the use case of Jeff slightly higher...

on the aspect of 'only one config directory' I think forrest has 
always been doing a good job (and should continue doing so) to 
define a single entry point that leads you through the path from 
there on

forrest seed --> message saying what to do next --> site 
explaining itself what to find/change where --> ...

I find this more useful then the pursuit of single config 
directory (but have to admit it would help also :-))

other thoughts?

Marc Portier                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center
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