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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: site.xml tabs.xml part of content??
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 11:19:10 GMT

> Is a site menu classified as content, or metadata?

If you take this definition then menu is not 

but all the content for  Logo names, copyright, 'breadcrumb trail' links 
and Credits goes under src/document/skin.conf

So why menu and tabs are diferent?

> Has the dog buddha-nature or not?

Well, some animals do:

> Since it appears in the HTML output, is i18n'izable, etc, I'd say it is
> content.  Perhaps meta-content.  This view is strengthened the the fact
> that really, we ought to be deriving most of site.xml directly from the
> XML files themselves.

I like the idea of delivering most of the elements directly from the xml 
files, in fact, I saw this problem when I was playing with the 
DirectoryGenerator, if you use it for the whole site, you need to 
exclude book.xml, site.xml, tabs.xml files.

> More practically, I like site.xml in the content because then all the
> hrefs are correct.  In my editor I can type 'gf' ("goto file") to quickly
> traverse the href.

I agree it is useful, but I am think it creates more confusion for 
users. It is common to have just only one config directory instead of two.

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