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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Karma request: All Cocoon committers become Forrest committers
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 12:22:25 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

>Dear root,
>The Forrest committers recently voted (seven +1's, no -1's) to give all
>Cocoon committers (present and future) access to the xml-forrest
>repository, since Forrest is a Cocoon subproject in spirit if not in

I'm very happy to see fences going down between brother projects (the 
same thing happend recently between with Excalibur), but I'm wondering 
about what is now the definition of "committer", mainly in the area of 
voting rights.

Who has the right to vote on Forrest issues ? All those that have write 
access to Forrest CVS, or only those that are in Forrest's line in the 
"avail" file ? In the second case, how will "write-access committers" 
become "real" committers ?

Just wondering...


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