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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Another site.xml bug building menues.
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 08:52:59 GMT

Thanks for the last help, it worked fine. Currently I think I found
another bug in the use of the site.xml for generating menus.

Please note that <sitio_completo/> MUST be included into the "home" tab,
but  it IS NOT included there. Even <sitio_completo/> is not included in
any tab.

I have a site.xml as follow:

<site label="SIG" xmlns="">

  <inicio label="Generalidades" tab="home">
    <introduccion label="Introducción" href="index.html">
      <PST href="#PST"/>
    <procedimientos label="Vista General" href="procedimientos.html"/>
    <requerimientos label="Requerimientos" href="requerimientos.html"/>

  <registro label="Registro" href="registro/" tab="registro">

  <evaluacion label="Evaluación" href="evaluacion/" tab="evaluacion">

  <reembolso label="Reembolso" href="reembolso/" tab="reembolso">

  <supervision label="Supervisión" href="supervision/" tab="supervision">

  <otros label="Otros" tab="home">
    <faq label="Preguntas Frecuentes" href="faq.html"/>
    <cambios label="Cambios" href="changes.html"/>
    <todo label="Pendientes" href="todo.html"/>

  <sitio_completo label="Sitio Completo" href="site.html" tab="home"/>

    <registro label="" tab="" href="images/registro.png"/>
    <evaluacion label="" tab="" href="images/evaluacion.png"/>
    <reembolso label="" tab="" href="images/reembolso.png"/>
    <supervision label="" tab="" href="images/supervision.png"/>


Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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