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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Karma request: All Cocoon committers become Forrest committers
Date Sat, 05 Jul 2003 07:19:14 GMT
Dear root,

The Forrest committers recently voted (seven +1's, no -1's) to give all
Cocoon committers (present and future) access to the xml-forrest
repository, since Forrest is a Cocoon subproject in spirit if not in

I believe the simplest way to achieve this to append ',xml-forrest' to
this entry in CVSROOT/avail:

# --- The Cocoon folks like this
avail|... cocoon people ...|xml-site,xml-commons,cocoon-1,cocoon-2-historical,cocoon-2.0,cocoon-2.1,cocoon-lenya,cocoon-site,avalon-excalibur,avalon-sandbox



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