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From "Roger Ackroyd" <>
Subject Re: Template page resizing IE 6.0
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 10:32:36 GMT
Hi Sheldon
No, built straight out of CVS yesterday without changes in any xml.
I notice that the content sections do resize and wrap normally. 
It is some object in the header (MyGroup My Project) that is holding its full width when re-sized.
Pushes search box outside browser RH limit and introduces a horizontal scroll-bar.
Can find no other references in lists to this problem with IE6.0 (dont think it is the browser
as the problem is confined to this page alone. Have tried using the .css from the Forrest
home page and that makes no difference)
Must be something that Forrest is building into the HTML? But what? 
Am seeding forrest to a folder under web folder of Apache web server on local hosted machine..
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  From: beatbros 
  Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 3:18 AM
  Subject: Re: Template page resizing IE 6.0

  Have you added some of your own content to the xmldocs or is it as it comes??
  you could have something in the docs that is causing this effect ie images or tables
  i run IE6 and have not experinced this problem
  hope that helped
    Am rather new to all of this. I expect/hope the answer to this will be simple.
    Forrest created a template site Ok but pages header and content, does not size to width
of browser, nor resize when minimised/restored.
    Cannot find any place to change this behaviour. If I save a page from the Forrest site
locally, it sizes and re-sizes correctly in this browser.
    Can anyone suggest what I need to change this (non) behaviour, and thus remedy this.

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