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From "Johan Kok" <>
Subject RE: site.xml tabs.xml part of content??
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2003 15:52:26 GMT
> >> Is a site menu classified as content, or metadata?
> > If you take this definition
> then menu is not
> > metadata.

In the definition difference between content and meta data it is clear that
a menu is content. However one should consider that one can have different
forms of content. Let's look at it from a different angle: Menus tend to be
more 'static' than the actual site content. Futhermore menus form part of
the "process" structure of a site and one could divorce that from the actual
content in the sense that anywhere, be it a menu, or any other place where a
'decision or action is made/taken' should form part of a process definition
of the site. That implies that all menus and virtually all pages (barring
pure informational pages) could have a "process definition(s)" associated.
That is that a button's 'process' lies in it's action. These micro processes
can then be used to build higher level process flows (or inversely, high
level ones can be broken down in to simple actions). In that manner, menus,
buttons and other actions/actionable items becomes metadata for processes,
and the actual action the data, e.g. URL, (or should I say content) of the
action. One might gleen some stuff from the business process groups in this


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