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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Forrest 0.5 outstanding issues
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 18:50:53 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
>>   - maven plugin!
> Oops, yes, sorry ;)

no worries, mate :D

>>     I want you guys on board here.....I'm offering a Free Beer (yes,
>>     that's free as in beer) to the entire forrest committer team (to
>>     be drunk at my place only, though) if a checked and maybe improved
>>     version of this stuff can get a release soon :D
> Have you more or less finished working on it?

for now. Everything else that needs doing requires more XSL knowledge 
than I have ;)

> Safe to commit to Forrest?


> Is the most recent version the one living somewhere in Avalon, or the one
> in ~leosimons/..?  I'll have a play this w'end.

just synced the two :D

>>   - combined DTDs. I use intellij IDEA (who doesn't ;) for editing xml,
>>     and it won't eat the chopped up DTDs (with the .mod entity
>>     inclusions). It would be cool if forrest shipped with (or put
>>     online) a set of merged dtds that can be eaten by tools like this.
>>     I believe NekoDTD can be used to do this kind of merge
>>     automatically, but I can't get it to do its magic. IANAXKOG (I Am
>>     Not An XSL Kind Of Guy).
> AFAIK, the reconstitution of a full DTD from entities is done by the XML
> parser.  I would have thought IDEA just needs a pointer to the *.dtd
> file.  Perhaps it can't resolve the relative paths to *.mod files.

that's what I thought as well, so I added those as "resources" as well. 
That didn't work. Simply replacing the entity references with the 
content of the .mod files does work properly. Docs are sparse. One could 
consider contacting the intellij team of course to get them to figure it 
out :D

> Hmm..
> I'll have a play.
> Alternatively, you could.. oh never mind ;)

hehehe. Tried and failed. There is a lot in the xml world I know only a 
little about. Various tools always seem to sprout various vague errors 
(File not found: index.htmlnull, upgrade a library, and it works. Why on 
earth is that?! How does one debug xsl?). I get frustrated all the time!

> :wq!

I am an emacs guy myself ;)

take care,

- Leo

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