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From "Stefan Seifert" <>
Subject RE: Whole-site pdf
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 12:03:34 GMT

The problem with Jan's approach is, that the xdocs have to be fixed in the sitemap. I did
a whole-site pdf with generating it dynamically based on all entries of site.xml.

sitemap fragement:

      <map:match pattern="all-documents.xml">
        <map:generate src="content/xdocs/site.xml" />
        <map:transform src="skins/{forrest:skin}/xslt/all-documents.xsl">
          <map:parameter name="ctxbasedir" value="{realpath:.}/"/>
          <map:parameter name="xmlbasedir" value="content/xdocs/{1}"/>
        <map:serialize type="xml" />
      <map:match pattern="all-documents.pdf">
        <map:generate src="cocoon:/all-documents.xml" />
        <map:transform src="skins/{forrest:skin}/xslt/fo/document2fo.xsl">
          <map:parameter name="ctxbasedir" value="{realpath:.}/"/>
          <map:parameter name="xmlbasedir" value="content/xdocs/{1}"/>
        <map:serialize type="fo2pdf" />

The used all-documents.xsl is attached (but still uncommented). It scans the site.xml, does
an document-include for all XDocs and builds a virtual whole XDoc with all documents as separate
sections. You can use the document2html.xsl-Stylesheet too to build a whole-site Html, just
add another section to the sitemap.

The drawback with this solution is, that it is rather slow with many XDocs (i.e. 80 XDocs
in our case => several minutes additional generating time). If i find some time i will
try to optimize it a bit more.


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Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 1:00 PM
Subject: AW: Whole-site pdf

I have it done some months ago: 
I realized that by introducint a special URL in the sitemap which aggegates 
the files and then applies a special stylesheet for generating valid document-v11 
I explained that on March:


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> Von: Schlierf, Stephan [] 
> Gesendet am: Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2003 13:54 
> An: 'Forrest' 
> Betreff: Whole-site pdf 
> Hello, 
> a few days ago Jeff mentioned in an email that he developed a 
> way to merge 
> several files into one pdf-file. As far as I remember this topic was 
> discussed here already in the past. 
> Now my question is: 
> How is this planned to work ? Does it generate a pdf-file for 
> the whole site 
> or just for the files that are linked to the current 
> (visible) file ? For 
> me, I'd prefer the last mentioned behaviour; I think it allows more 
> flexibility in controlling the process. 
> And, last but not least, when will it be available ? 
> Stephan 

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