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From "MAISONOBE Luc" <>
Subject residuals of MIME type bug ?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 06:28:11 GMT

I have updated my forrest source tree yesterday evening (european time) 
including the new cocoon jar.

This has solved the file.extnull problem I had encountered like everyone 
else, and also partly solved my src/content/file.xml problems (those 
files were parsed and slightly modified despite they are not in the 
xdocs sub-directory). The files are now correctly copied untouched.

The remaining problems I see are :

   - a single java source file that should also be copied as is has
     its name changed from to
     (before the cocoon change, it was renamed with the .text suffix
      rather than .txt so I think this is still related to the same

   - a compressed PostScript file is copied twice, once as is and
     another time in decompressed form (with the .gz suffix removed)

   - spurious error messages appear during site generation:
     Despite the files are copied near the beginning of forrest run,
     I get the following error messages later on (and the files are
     listed in the brokenlist.txt file). I noticed also that one of
     my xml file did generate an error message and was not listed. I
     did not understand why this one was different from the other


         ...lots of stuff omitted ...

  * [0] skin/images/valid-html401.png
  * [41] downloads.html
  * [0]
-> [broken page] software/rkcheck/HighamHall.xml <-

      ocs/software/rkcheck/HighamHall.xml (No such file or director

         ...lots of stuff omitted ...


     It seems as if due to the .xml suffix, some part of the
     process expect the file to really live in the xdocs directory,
     and logically doesn't find them here. I suspect my file names
     are recognized by two different rules, one based on their
     directory (not in xdocs), and another one based on their suffix
     (*.xml). The first rule working correctly for these file types now,
     and the other rule failing. If this is the case, a simple correction
     would be to extend the pattern to something like */xdocs/*.xml
     or similar. Does it make sense ?

I can try to look at this problem by myself, could you advise me were to 
start (sitemap.xmap only ?). I don't think I can handle the first two 
problems though.


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