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From Tom Klaasen <>
Subject Re: [Mildly OT] Multiple Stylesheets & Favelets (was Re: New forrest skin)
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 22:14:45 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:

> Tom,
> On 6/2/2003 4:03 PM, Tom Klaasen wrote:
>> All,
>> As I've announced some weeks ago, I've put some work into developing 
>> a "only-divs-for-layout" skin. Today, it has reached a pretty stable 
>> state (meaning that some cleaning needs to be done, but the bones and 
>> a lot of meat are there)
>> You can see the result at 
>> (won't stay there 
>> forever though).
> Do you have other css files (such as one w different background-color, 
> font-family, etc.) to go along w your new "only-divs-for-layout" skin? 
> That would be a nice addition.

Babysteps (aka "release early, release often"). First thing is to get 
the current css right. I noticed that some <section>s aren't rendered 
correctly (notably on the "samples" page). Unluckily, I won't be able to 
work on it for some weeks to come (my summer holidays are coming up).

Nice ideas though. They'll stay on my todo-list till after I come back. 
You're always welcome to beat me to it ;-)


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