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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject [Mildly OT] Multiple Stylesheets & Favelets (was Re: New forrest skin)
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 15:44:37 GMT

On 6/2/2003 4:03 PM, Tom Klaasen wrote:
> All,
> As I've announced some weeks ago, I've put some work into developing a 
> "only-divs-for-layout" skin. Today, it has reached a pretty stable state 
> (meaning that some cleaning needs to be done, but the bones and a lot of 
> meat are there)
> You can see the result at 
> (won't stay there forever though).

Do you have other css files (such as one w different background-color, 
font-family, etc.) to go along w your new "only-divs-for-layout" skin? 
That would be a nice addition. If you added them to the header following 
the examples in this link, people could switch among them:

There's even a stylesheet switcher for (blech!) Netscape 4.x:

Of course, since Internet Explorer doesn't have a "use Style" menu like 
Mozilla, it wouldn't know the difference (but who cares?) I guess you 
could always provide a "Choose style sheet" favelet on the page for 
challenged M$IE users...

[OT] BTW, there're about 20+ nifty "favelets" accessible from that site:

What's a favelet? It's a JavaScript "link" that can be clicked on or 
dragged to the Personal Toolbar to perform an action (such as reSize the 
window to 800x600, make all DIVs or TABLE elements on a page have a red 
border, or list all IMAGE elements in an 'alert()', or validate the page 
you're on w a click from the Personal ToolBar). Favelets are also 
referred to as "Bookmarlets". Here're a couple of useful ones (watch 
wrap on the long ones) & there're more on the above page:

ReSize window to 800x600:

W3C HTML Validator for Current Page:

W3C CSS Validator for current page:

View HTTP Headers:

Here's some more links to Favelets:

Have a nice day!

Web Maestro Clay
Clay Leeds -
Web Developer - Medata, Inc. -
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