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From "Schlierf, Stephan" <>
Subject Files in src/documentation/content; html-sites via frames
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 15:11:02 GMT

I try to put files into src/documentation/content/ so that forrest serves
them as they are.
But after a "forrest site"-command I don't only get a, say, "foo.doc" but
also a "foo.docnull" and the link I used in a xml-file points to foo.docnull
(btw: the last time I tried "forrest run" handles it right but unfortunately
I do have static web sites ...)
Does anybody know what's going wrong here?

A second question: Has anybody tried to change the "table-construct" in
site2xhtml.xml to a "frame-construct"? What I would like to have is to keep
the navigation elements just where they are and only scroll the content (as
a separate html-site)

BTW: I use the cvs-version of forrest (last updated this morning)


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