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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Aggregated pages
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2003 13:46:19 GMT
God Save the Queen, and may she have many more public-holiday-celebrated
birthdays ;)

I spent today adding whole-site-in-one-PDF support to Forrest.  You'll
see there are two new entries at the bottom of the menu:

(0.5mb each; please be kind with Steven's bandwidth)

It should also be pretty simple now to aggregate arbitrary sets of
documents.  For instance, we could have a HTML/PDF containing all the
pages in one tab.  Another thing I'd like to try is URL-defined
aggregations, so:


Gives you a PDF containing content from index.xml, primer.xml and

The trickiest bit of aggregation is getting the links right.  In our
fictional index,primer,faq.pdf file, links from index to primer must be
internal links, but links from index to any other non-included page are
external.  This is where 'site:' linking is useful, as depending on the
linkmap used, 'site:primer' becomes:

http://localhost:8787/forrest/primer.html  (external link from PDF)


#primer.html  (internal link in PDF/HTML)


primer.html   (external link in HTML)

I think I have got it right, but if you encounter any oddities please let
me know.

There are a few things that need cleaning up still.  The aggregated page
title needs to be obtained from somewhere (skinconf.xml I guess), as does
the base URL for external links from PDFs, which is currently
'http://localhost:8787/forrest'.  The community/howto/* pages break in
the CLI for some reason I haven't worked out yet.  Then the aggregation
system and @tab tab systems need documenting.


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