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Subject font size in IE 6.0
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 00:47:51 GMT
I aplogize if this has been mentioned before on this list.  The Krysalis skin
views poorly in IE 6.0.  I have noticed this even on the Krysalis website.  When
a user views the website for the first time, the font size becomes enormous. 
Looking in the cookie, I see its at 100px.  Stepping throuhg the fontsize.js
shows me that the ndeGetDocTextSize() method returns the current font size as
100%, not 100px.  So fontscript.js things the user is already at 100px.  I
solved this with the following change in the ndeSetTextSize method: 

    startSize = 16;
  else if( startSize.indexOf('%') > -1 )
    startSize = 16;
    startSize = parseInt(startSize);

Seem good for the skin?


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