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From "Garrett Steed" <>
Subject RE: libre- where to start?
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 18:31:12 GMT
Jeff Turner and forrest-dev list-
Thank you so much for your help. 

I know this group moves really fast and this was a post from a long time
ago, but if you wouldn't mind continuing with this.  I have Forrest set
up on my computer and everything is working correctly I would like to
test to make sure that the pattern match is working correctly would you
be willing to send the source for directory2book.xsl.  I want to make my
own but it would be nice to know if my system was working correctly.

Thank you very much.


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From: Jeff Turner [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 4:51 AM
Subject: Re: libre- where to start?

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 08:33:12AM -0500, Garrett Steed wrote:
> Newbe question.
> Good morning: I read the doc's last week and I think I might be 
> missing something. How do I start?  Do I have to turn on some feature 
> in my sitemap.xmap?  Can I just put an libre.xml file in a directory 
> if so which one?  I understand the concept on how to write the file 
> but I don't know where to put the file or what comments I must make to

> activate it.  Any help would be great.

Unfortunately libre is more or less dead from a user POV.  The code is
lurking in the CVS attic, waiting for someone to tackle the problem of
auto-generated menus again.

In the meanwhile, it's pretty easy to generate a book.xml file from a
directory listing.  There is an example of this at:

Description of the aggregation at:

That sample project requires CVS Forrest to run though.


> Thanks so much.
> -Garrett

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