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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: how to use a subdirectory
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 03:10:57 GMT
Nathaniel G. Auvil wrote:
> --- Jeff Turner <> wrote:
>>Nathaniel G. Auvil wrote:
>>>There were no errors at the command prompt.
>>Are any of the samples/* files linked to in the menu? If not, perhaps 
>>try adding a link, <link href="samples/index.html">index</link> in your

>>main index.xml, and try again. Cocoon's command-line recursively follows 
>>links, so if for some reason the link in the tab doesn't work, Cocoon 
>>will never see the samples/* files.
> I don't want links from the first tab or any pages on the first tab to reference the
pages on the
> other tab; this is why I am using another tab.

The tab title is a link to the other section. Usually the crawler 
follows the tab title link, and thereby "discovers" all the files in the 
second section. If those files aren't being rendered, then the crawler 
couldn't find them, which suggests that the tab title link is bad.

To determine if this is the problem, you could:
  - Do a 'forrest run', and check on http://localhost:8888 if the tab 
link really works
  - Add a dummy link in a page body to provide an alternative means for 
the crawler to discover the second section. If this works, then you know 
the tab link is not traversable by the Cocoon crawler.

> Cocoon sees the index page in the subdirectory since i get an error if it is not valid
xml.  Is
> book.xml a Forrest thing?  Could I somehow specify this in site.xml?  How do i specify
a tab in
> site.xml?

site.xml is a centralized replacement for book.xml. It is described at:

It has nothing to do with tabs, which are specified separately in tabs.xml.


>>Also, if you do a 'forrest seed', the generated template site contains a 
>>  subdirectory. Sometimes it's easier to work backwards from something 
>>that works.
> Yes, I did this when starting my site.

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