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From "David Leangen" <>
Subject RE: RE: RE: Forrest and CSS [A New skin subprojec
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 16:02:39 GMT


Ok, great!

> We're trying to create a forrest skin that doesn't rely on tables
> and hard-coded colors etc. for layout. I think this falls apart
> in 2 parts:
> - create an XSL that chops everything in nice chewable divs
> - create CSS that makes these divs a breeze to the eye.

 --> and easy for the user to modify!

Excellent! That's exactly how I like to do things. :-)

> I'm trying to achieve the first part by taking the krysalis skin
> apart, and putting <div> tags in.
> For the second part: I only discovered the joy of CSS a couple of
> weeks ago (hey, I'm a backender). Learning CSS was part of why I
> started this skin. Any hints or code for doing this right would
> certainly be welcome.

Would you be open to starting a new design from scratch? I think that in
this case, it may actually be easier than to do this from the "old"

Just a thought.

> As for the status: we only found each other today, and we're
> looking for a CVS repository so that we can work on this
> together. If you have any suggestions, feel free to spout.

Sorry... no ideas for now. I'll keep that in mind, though.


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