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From "David Leangen" <>
Subject RE: RE: Forrest and CSS [A New skin subproject]
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 15:34:13 GMT

Dear Tom and Antonio,

>>> I know what you mean. I'm privately working (on and
>>> off, that is) on a skin that works with div-based layout
>>> (instead of tables) and CSS in general. The hard part
>>> is that I'm not the kind of guy you would ask to
>>> pick colors for you ;-)

Sorry for barging in on your discussion like this... I haven't really been
following, since I just joined the list.

I have been working on this type of stuff, too, except using JSP. I am now
migrating everything over to Cocoon/Forrest, which is why your message got
my attention.

My approach has been to use different "templates" based of the type of
desired page layout by taking advantage of the "cascading" part of CSS.
Basically, it works in layers. On the first layer, we choose a
look-and-feel. On the next layer, we choose a page layout (simple,
two-column, three-column...), while on the final layer, we customise
anything for the particular page/section. This is easy enough to do by
importing the stylesheet that provides the effect that you want.

As you mentioned, though, it doesn't work for ancient NN browsers and the

Otherwise, for standards-compliant browsers, this approach has even a bit
more flexibility than the approach that you were mentioning.

I wonder if this would be related/useful to what you're doing...

If so, please bring me up to speed on what you're doing and I'll gladly
share my work/ideas with you.


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