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From "Francois Beauregard" <>
Subject Deployment. WAR or Static using Forrestbot
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 04:30:07 GMT
Just pulled Forrest from cvs, built it, created a new project and played a
bit with it.
I must say that I am very impressed and that I will definetely try to use it
for a documentation project that I have.

Obviously all my documentation will be under cvs.

The documentation needs to be available on a web site and does not need to
be updated in real time.
Therefore, I am planning to have the ForrestBot installed and scheduled to
run regularly to generate the static site and deploy it.

1. Is this the recommanded way?
2. Should I use a war instead?
3. Will this work using the current cvs version?

Best Regards
François Beauregard,
Recherche et développement
Pyxis Technologies

T : (450) 681-9094, poste 102
F : (450) 681-5758

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