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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: [USER POLL/VOTE] Defining tabs?
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 12:07:57 GMT

>>>  <tab href="site:community"/>
>>>  <tab href="site:foo2"/>

>> what  I like from the tabs was that you were allow to select only the 
>> navigation links relative to that directory.
> Which is conceptually wrong, as the navigation is not necessarily 
> dependant on the dir layout, but on the link layout in site.xml.

Sorry, I did not mean directory, I wanted to say site element that is 
why I used site:whatever on the description on the top

>> but do you have to write down again all the links you want for the 
>> navigation links on the left? if you do it like that, what is tab 
>> diferent from menu?
> IMV it's not different. Each tab in this view should have its own set of 
> menus.

Even if you have you own set, they should be a reference, I would not 
like to write down the same information again.

> What Jeff has proposed is the best IMHO. It can accomodate a skin that 
> allows tabs to show things at the skin's wish. We'll see if the impl 
> will be nice enough for users.

we will see that tomorrow. but I think that it is closer to what I am 

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