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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: [USER POLL/VOTE] Defining tabs?
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 01:21:36 GMT

I fell so bad, I got the feeling that I did not get your proposal right.

> Of course. But look at this:
>  <tab href="site:community"/>
>  <tab href="site:foo2"/>

> You will get two tabs, one of which is a superset of the other. So tabs 
> do *not* contain items *exclusively*.

I understood that,but I thought that you wanted to create another level 
of tabs to avoid this type of situation so foo2 should go under a 
community tab, something like a sub-tab or whatever.

> What I like to see is either that both tabs contain the full menu on the 
> left, or that each has it's own separate share of links.

what  I like from the tabs was that you were allow to select only the 
navigation links relative to that directory.

but do you have to write down again all the links you want for the 
navigation links on the left? if you do it like that, what is tab 
diferent from menu?

PS. The fact that red and green does not mix together well does not mean 
that we should removed both colors. :-)

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