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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: newbie performance question
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 09:07:15 GMT
On Tue, May 20, 2003 at 06:26:11PM -0700, Richard Bondi wrote:
> Dear all,
> With just four pages, if I change just one character on one of the
> pages and regenerate with "forrest site", it takes 2.5 minutes; 5+
> minutes if I also generate the pdfs. I'm on Win XP Pro, 512K Ram, jdk
> 1.4, 1GHz cpu.
> Is there some way to make forrest only update the affected page? This
> seems like much too long to wait for basic editing/upkeep of a site.

It is, and there isn't a way to regenerate just one page.  Therefore the
recommended way to develop docs is with the webapp, as described at:

Although, typing 'forrest run' and viewing docs on http://localhost:8888/
is faster than the suggested process of setting up Tomcat.


> Thanks,
> r:b:

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