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From "Nathaniel G. Auvil" <>
Subject Re: how to use a subdirectory
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 22:49:35 GMT

--- Jeff Turner <> wrote:
> Nathaniel G. Auvil wrote:
> > I am trying to use Forrest 0.4 to create my website.  I want to create a 'samples'
tab on my
> site.
> >  So I created a 'samples' subdirectory  under 'xdocs' which i want to further divide
up later.
> > 
> > In my 'tabs.xml' i create the following: <tab label="Samples" dir="samples/"/>.
I then copied
> the
> > index.xml from the xdocs folder into the samples folder.  I did a 'forrest' command
and it did
> not
> > transform the index.xml file in the samples directory; It created the samples tab
but that is
> it.
> > There were no errors at the command prompt.
> Are any of the samples/* files linked to in the menu? If not, perhaps 
> try adding a link, <link href="samples/index.html">index</link> in your 
> main index.xml, and try again. Cocoon's command-line recursively follows 
> links, so if for some reason the link in the tab doesn't work, Cocoon 
> will never see the samples/* files.

I don't want links from the first tab or any pages on the first tab to reference the pages
on the
other tab; this is why I am using another tab.

Cocoon sees the index page in the subdirectory since i get an error if it is not valid xml.
book.xml a Forrest thing?  Could I somehow specify this in site.xml?  How do i specify a tab

> Also, if you do a 'forrest seed', the generated template site contains a 
>   subdirectory. Sometimes it's easier to work backwards from something 
> that works.

Yes, I did this when starting my site.


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