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From (Dirk Drazenovic)
Subject non-bug issues in status.xml
Date Sat, 17 May 2003 14:22:16 GMT
Hello World,

i want to suggest to add a feature to status.xml. Would it be possible to
add something similar to the fixes-bug attribute but to be a bit more

The background is that we are tracking, beside bugs, additions(new features)
and enhancements of existing features.

IMHO it would be useful to have a "Resolves issue #xx" in the generated

Here is what i did[1] in changes2document.xsl (copy-paste):
   <xsl:variable name="issue-tracker">/url to issue tracker/</xsl:variable>

   <xsl:if test="@issue">
    <xsl:text> Resolves </xsl:text>
    <link href="{$issue-tracker}{@issue}">
     <xsl:text>issue </xsl:text><xsl:value-of select="@issue"/>

I dont think this is too specific and others may use this as well, thats why
i suggest it to add it to forrest.


[1] Its the first time i am playing with xsl...

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