I don´t know who is allowed to vote, but I prefer (b) "hiding the sitemap".
Users can focus on their primary goal: publish documents (not writing - and therefore
understanding - cocoon internals).

Jan Matčrne

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> Gesendet am: Dienstag, 15. April 2003 09:22
> An: forrest-dev@xml.apache.org
> Betreff: [VOTE] Sitemap user visibility and scope in Forrest
> The last discussion on nuggets has shown that there are two possible
> roads that Forrest can take.
> (a) Make the sitemap a central concept to Forrest, as it is
> for Cocoon.
>     Encourage users to edit the sitemap to change the
> structure of their
>     site.
> (b) Hide the sitemap, and add intermediate layers that provide a 'user
>     friendly' interface to structural concerns.
> Till now, we have mainly gone the route of (a), by creating
> mechanisms
> to keep the sitemap away from users. This makes it easier for
> them, and
> most important makes Forrest easily upgradeable. If users touch the
> sitemap, they will have to reedit the one of the new Forrest,
> going out
> of synch and possibly not upgrading Forrest because of it. I
> don't want
> that to happen.
> Thus, I ask to vote on this.
> Should Forrest pursue the goal of "hiding" the sitemap as in case (a)?
> This does not block users to do it, just ensures that we
> don't *require*
> it to happen.
> +1
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