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From "Victor Mote" <>
Subject directory/menu structure
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 19:01:55 GMT
I am working on trying to get the fop tabs & left menus cleaned up. We have
documents in the following directories that I would like to appear on one
logical menu:

I have removed design/understanding/book.xml, and placed the related entries
into design/book.xml as follows:

    <menu label="About">
      <menu-item label="Index" href="index.html"/>
    <menu label="Understanding">
      <menu-item label="Introduction" href="understanding/index.html"/>
      <menu-item label="XML Parsing" href="understanding/xml_parsing.html"/>

When I build the site locally, the html documents created in the
"understanding" subdirectory all are "Cocoon 2 - Resource not Found"
documents, with the "missing-file" listed as itself. For example,
design/understanding/index.html has the following "missing-file":

Interestingly, the related pdf files are all created properly.

1. Is this expected behavior?
2. Is a book.xml file is required in each directory in order to get the
directory contents generated?
3. Would using site.xml give us more flexibility here?
4. Is there a sample of site.xml somewhere? I don't see one on the forrest
5. Jeff has already explained to me that the tab selection is tied to the
document location, and it looks like the menu is also (depending on answers
to above). Is it the intent of Forrest to be so hardwired to the directory
structure? Are there future plans to make this more flexible?

I apologize if this is explained somewhere else -- I haven't found it yet.

Victor Mote (
2025 Eddington Way
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916
Voice +1 (719) 622-0650
Fax   +1 (720) 293-0044

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