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From "Victor Mote" <>
Subject RE: directory/menu structure
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 18:25:45 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote (on April 01, 2003):

> As for menus, does site.xml offer enough flexibility?

Sorry to be so slow responding. After playing with it for a bit, the short
answer is "no". IMO, the web site is simply a "view" of the documentation,
and its structure should be independent of the physical arrangement of the
content files. So, preferably, the site.xml would have something like this
(I posted something similar in a previous message, but am expanding on it a
bit here):


After thinking about this for a while, I see that the problem is that a
document could appear in more than one menu, which could be ambiguous in
terms of building a menu & tab bar for it. Possible solutions:
  1. Forrest flags this situation as an error, and quits.
  2. Forrest flags this situation as a warning, and takes the first
  3. Add sister <structure> and <content> elements, the first containing the
elements described above, and the second containing document-specific
information that tie to a tab. Example:

      <tab id="tab1" label="This is Tab 1">
        <menu label="Tab 1, Menu 1">
          <menu-item label="Menu-Item 1" href="subdir/foo.html">
      <document id="subdir/foo.html" tab="tab1">

This would allow multiple menu-items to point to the same document, but the
document would always have an independent-of-directory-structure way of
defining which tab/menu it belongs to. URIs would be relative to the root of
the web site.

I don't have a good idea of the feasibility of doing any of this within
Forrest/Cocoon. One of these days, I should dive into the code and see what
is going on. :-)

Thanks for the great support.

Victor Mote

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