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From "Johan Andries">
Subject RE: document-v12 - Forrest 0.5
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 14:20:47 GMT

I've been reading about a possible Forrest 0.5 release. Sounds like a good idea because a
lot of features have been added/fixed, but can I make a couple of remarks though? 

- when using tables with several columns, the result shows really nice in html (column width
equals the width of the largest word) but this is not true in the generated pdf. All columns
have equal width in pdf and when a large continuous word is entered in a column it goes all
beyond the boundary of the column. 
- the patch done by Steven about putting images under a /my-images dir perhaps still needs
a little more cleanup. It works perfectly! But: leaves a big directory structure behind when
creating a static website. Under each directory where a /my-images directory is used a directory
will be present which reflects the physical location of the directory where /my-images is
put in. Of course this isn't crucial - its presence doesn't disturb the website at all...

Besides this directory, error messages like the one below are generated for each image that
is present under the /my-images directories (and these error messages seem to be related with
the forementioned "not-cleaned-up" directory:

-> [broken page] /home/forrest_admin/projects/wdcit/build/tmp/context/content/xdocs/projecten/wqm_v1/my-images/Overzicht
WQM.gif <- 

     Resource not found file:/home/forrest_admin/projects/wdcit/bu
     /Overzicht WQM.gif

but still - a pretty nice patch it was! :) ...Perhaps we're the only ppl who are using this
/my-images feature but I wanted to report it anyway... 

keep up the good Forrest work!

Johan Andries

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