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From "Johan Andries">
Subject pdf issue: lists within lists
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 11:08:41 GMT

I've stumbled upon a quite specific issue: when creating an <UL> or <OL> directly
within another <UL> or <OL>, the "sublist" doesn't show up in the generated PDF's.
When using a list with list items and another list encapsulated within a list item itself,
the PDF is generated correctly. In other words (using two little examples)

In this example, the sublist will not show up in the generated pdf
        <li>item 1</li>

        <li>item 2</li>

          <li>item 2-1</li>

          <li>item 2-2</li>

This example on the other hand will have the desired result in PDF
        <li>item 1</li>

        <li>item 2<ol><li>item 2-1</li><li>item 2-2</li><li>item
2-3</li></ol>	</li>

        <li>item 3</li>

Both documents are valid for the Document DTD. I'm using the Forrest skin. The issue persists
with other combinations (UL with encapsulated OL, OL with encapsulated UL, UL-UL and OL-OL).
In the generated HTML everything looks perfect though...!


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