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From Anthony Tomasic <>
Subject problem with images in subdirectories
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 01:57:29 GMT
Hi - thanks for the work with forrest. I'm very interested in using it, 
but have run into a

When I download the CVS and create the forrest site itself by running 
"forrest", I get one broken link

-> [broken page] 
community/howto/bugzilla-patch/my-images/bugzilla-screen.gif.html <-

     No pipeline matched request: 

When I build my own site, I get the same problem. I cannot reference 
images in subdirectories. I thought it was an issue of finding the right 
place to put the images, but it doesn't appear to be that.

For example, in
src/documentation/content/xdocs/formfaces/bean.xml I have

      <figure src="images/full-factor-schema.png" alt="full factor 
schema"  />

and this generates

-> [broken page] formfaces/images/full-factor-schema.png.html <-

     No pipeline matched request: formfaces/images/full-factor-schema.png

does exist.

Anthony Tomasic <>
(412) 951 4558

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