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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [poll] org/apache/forrest/yer/use/cocoon/
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 13:42:58 GMT
> Steven Noels wrote, On 15/04/2003 14.21:
>> Does anyone use this?
> Errr, nope AFAIK.
>> Otherwise, we might as well get rid of it, or remove it from the build.
> +1

-0, it's not harming us, and the libre ideas have not been 
formerly expressed as not usefull?

> It can still be reused later if-when we will need it.

the actual code is of little use, but there were ideas around 

and if I see people still go about giving it some vague future as 
'still be reused later if-when' then let me at least invite to 

from my concidently parallel posting:
> 3. Vaguely related: part of the code in scratchpad putting this on the agenda is the
Libre stuff, since we have the site.xml there seems to be a number of new reasons to revive
this thing (generation of that file for larger sites seems like a quick win?)
> But maybe that usage would rather push it into an Ant Task then a Cocoon Generator?
> Not to mention the fact that "we should ditch this code if there is no usage for it"
(and better do that before people think I've parked it over here for you to maintain)
> So bluntly: Do we see usage? If yes, please elaborate and let's get to it, I'ld like
to get in do-mode 'round this. 

other views?

>> I'll be moving 
>> org.apache.forrest.components.generator.XNIConfigurableFileGenerator out 
>> of scratchpad into src/java if no-one objects, too.
> +1


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