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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: sitemap.xmap: maybe a bug
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 09:48:32 GMT
On 11/04/2003 10:43 Schlierf, Stephan wrote:
> I start forrest with the "forrest run" command. Every now and then it
> happens that if I point my browser to http://localhost:8888 it gives me an
> error message that it can't connect.
> At least I found out that this behaviour depends on some lines in the
> sitemap.xmap.
> If I change the lines
> 310        <map:redirect-to uri="index.html" />
> and
> 313        <map:redirect-to uri="index.html"/>
> to
>              <map:redirect-to uri="/index.html"/>
> (note the leading slash!)
> everything works fine.
> Now I wonder whether this is a bug or an unexpected feature ;-)
> BTW:
> I use the cvs-version of forrest (updated this morning).

Same here: mozilla tells me the maximum numbers of redirects has been 
succeeded. I've been thinking to add that trailing slash (on a 
customer's installation, I even made that redirect internal using 
cocoon:/index.html once), but would like to hear the rationale behind 
it. Jeff?

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