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From Vincent Hardy <>
Subject Re: Linking to javadoc output from a Forrest site
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 20:14:33 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
> [...]
> Pregenerated content can be put directly in src/documentation/content/.
> If you have src/documentation/content/mypage.html, you can link to it
> with <link href="mypage.html">.  If you run 'forrest seed', there is an
> example of this:
> jeff@expresso:/tmp/testproj$ ls src/documentation/content/
> hello.pdf  test1.html  test2.html  xdocs

The problem with this is that sample2.xml is not actually used in the 
seed example. From 'forrest seed' if you change the site.xml line:

     <sample label="Sample page" href="sample.html">

     <sample label="Sample page" href="sample2.html">

(i.e. change sample.html with sample2.html, which is the one actually 
linking to test1.html), then you get the
NullPointerException I described in an earlier email.


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