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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: Fixing menus
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 17:05:46 GMT

Jeff Turner wrote, On 08/04/2003 19.00:
> So I was thinking, how about we ditch book.xml, and instead use Maven's
> navigation.xml format?
>  - we move closer to out-the-box support for Maven projects


I had the same idea, totally agree. BTW, the goal of using HTML tags 
more brings us much closer to the Maven doc format.

> On this topic, I think we need to draw a distinction between:
> 1)  the menu "data model", which we should represent by an intermediate
>     menu XML format (let's call this menu.xml).
> 2)  the XML format (book.xml, site.xml, navigation.xml) that the user
>     deals with.


> So just as faqs, howtos and Docbook are transformed to our intermediate
> doc-v11 content format, we'd have site.xml, navigation.xml etc.,
> transformed into an intermediate menu.xml format.


> This intermediate menu format 1) is transformed directly into a HTML
> menu.  We'd have:
>                site.xml   
> User   -->  navigation.xml     --->  menu.xml   --->  HTML
>                book.xml
> menu.xml is our 'contract' with skin designers, just as site.xml and
> friends are our contract with users.  Separating out these two contracts
> is nice, because now we can (in theory) have a proliferation of menu
> styles:
>                site.xml                               Fancy DHTML menu
> User   -->  navigation.xml     --->  menu.xml   --->  <ul> + CSS menu
>                book.xml                               Simple <table> menu
> menu.xml isn't publicly visible, and can be verbose and even redundant as
> necessary.
> Thoughts?

Two questions.

Since xdoc11 is used by our users, I reckon that menu.xml /could/ be as 
well used, by following the analogy. Putting it backwards... why not do:

  User   -->  navigation.xml     --->  navigation.xml   --->  HTML

Second question (which invalidates the first ;-P)... how does it 
integrate with the rest of the descriptors?

I feel a bit confused by having site, book, navigation... how would a 
user use them?

My best initial guess:

  User   -->     site.xml       --->  navigation.xml   --->  HTML

Skinconf.xml is also keeping metadata about the site, that could as well 
be in site.xml. Not that I'm very keen on moving it there, given all the 
code that has to be changed, but just taking note of it to see what you 

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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