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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject document-v12
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2003 11:36:26 GMT

A while back Steven made some changes to document-v11.mod:

+  20030320 Make @href required for link elements. (SN)
+  20030320 Allow paragraphs (p|source|note|warning|fixme) inside li. (SN)
+  20030320 Allow paragraphs (p|source|note|warning|fixme) and lists (ol|ul|dl) inside dd.
+  20030320 Allow links (link|jump|fork) and inline elements (br|img|icon|acronym) inside
title. (SN)

There was an unresolved versioning issue here, that I'd like to now

I propose we:

 - Revert above changes to document-v11.mod
 - Declare document-v11 finished
 - Start document-v12 (new public id, document-v12.{dtd,mod} files), and
   apply above changes to document-v12.mod.
 - Convert all Forrest's doco to the doc-v12 public id

As for future DTD evolution, I think we should keep two branches:

 - Use 1.x for (mainly) backwards-compatible changes.  I say "mainly",
   because there's some bug fixes like disallowing <ul><ul> that I think
   belong in the 1.x series.
 - Start a 2.x branch for large changes that bring us closer to XHTML 2.
   Most recent mail listing the proposed changes is
   discussed at:

Then once doc-v12 has settled, it would be a good idea to do a 0.5
release, before any major menu/metadata/tabs work happens.  There's quite
a decent number of changes since 0.4, and things seem fairly stable.



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