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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: DocBook 4.2 support
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 03:52:17 GMT
Stephan Schlierf wrote:
> I'm considering to use DocBook 4.2 instead of document-v12.
> Please, can someone give me a helping hand in which scale
> DobBook is already supported by forrest (especially
> concerning the HTML and the PDF transformations)?

I will try to explain the current situation. To help with
building the Apache xml-commons website i needed to delve
into using full DocBook for some documents and using the
default document-v11 for others.

The DocBook 4.2 DTDs are shipped with Forrest, so the
target 'validate-xdocs' does work.

The DocBook XSL is not shipped with Forrest. There is a
basic docbook2document.xsl in Forrest, but that did not yet
address my needs and i did not have time to add the missing
stuff. Depending on the complexity of your DocBook documents
this may meet your needs. It converts the docs on-the-fly to
an intermediate format (document-v11) and thereafter uses
the Forrest stylesheets.

Anyway i need to use the full DocBook XSL. So i simply copied
the default sitemap.xmap to make my project sitemap at
src/documentation/sitemap.xmap [1] and added a match for the
DocBook documents. I used a hard-coded path to the DocBook XSL
for xhtml on my local system. That works fine for the html rendition.

I have experimented with the same method to generate the PDFs
using the DocBook XSL. That works for a simple document, but
for a more complex document it has errors.

So unless you really need to use the DocBook XSL directly,
then you would better to extend the docbook2document.xsl



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