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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: sitemap.xmap: maybe a bug
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2003 00:54:08 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> Jeff Turner wrote:
> > Anyway, the old "index.html" redirect should work now with the new Jetty.
> > Is there any reason to prefer an internal Cocoon redirect?
> Crawling the site with htdig which doesn't like visible (302) redirects. 
> I've switched to CLI instead of webapp, so this isn't a strong 
> requirement anymore.

I may have a related problem ...

There is a strange problem with building the website
for xml-commons (not published yet, still). It was
working fine before, honest.

Recently Forrest started spewing errors and i get many
entries in brokenlinks.txt, such as:
The "components/external/" part should not be there at all.

This happens with today's cvs when using command-line
'forrest' build. However, the problem does not appear
with the 'forrest run'.

I tracked it down to this recent change to sitemap.xmap
When i reverted the second part of the change, then all
is fine for me. Making Steven's suggest change to do a
cocoon: redirect also worked for me.


List:     forrest-dev
Subject:  Re: cvs commit: xml-forrest/src/resources/conf sitemap.xmap
From:     Steven Noels <stevenn () outerthought ! org>
Date:     2003-03-30 20:23:46

On 29/03/2003 11:36 wrote:

> jefft       2003/03/29 02:36:19
>   Modified:    src/resources/conf sitemap.xmap
>   Log:
>   A much simpler redirect that seems to work just as well

Funny, I have been fighting that same redirect on Friday. I was 
installing htDig on top of a Forrest webapp site, and htDig doesn't like
302 redirects - simply stops crawling. So instead, I made these 
redirects internal to Cocoon - invisible to the outside world. Would you
mind me changing these to:

>          <map:match pattern="">
>   -        <map:redirect-to uri="{request:contextPath}/index.html" />
>   +        <map:redirect-to uri="index.html" />

              <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/index.html" />

>          </map:match>
>          <map:match type="regexp" pattern="^.+/$">
>   -          <map:redirect-to
>   +          <map:redirect-to uri="index.html"/>

                <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/{0}/index.html" />

>          </map:match>
>        </map:pipeline

instead? I'm not sure about the context path, can we just drop it?


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