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From "Schlierf, Stephan" <>
Subject AW: extending site.xml -> was -> RE: directory/menu structure
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 08:51:16 GMT
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Schlierf, Stephan []
>> Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2003 6:18 AM
>> To give an answer to your last question:
> >> 
>> Yes, I think this would be a very good improvement of site.xml
>> (escpecially
>> things like "should a pdf-file be created for this site or not" and so
>> Yes and no: I'm not quite sure whether your suggestion reflects all the
> >> things a site.xml should do for me, escpecially concerning the building
> of
> >> the menus.
>> Let me give an example:
>> ThisIsMyTab
>> 1_MenuEntry
>>    1_1_SubMenuEntry
>>           1_1_1_SubSubMenuEntry
>>                      ...and so on
>> So if you click on 1_MenuEntry, the 1_1_SubMenuEntries should be
>> displayed.
>> If you click on 1_1_SubMenuEntry the 1_1_1_SubSubMenuEntries should be
>> displayed and so on.

>Yes, I think it will do what you want. So an XSL (say you are at the site
>index page) build a menu item with an:

>a href="1_MenuEntry/1_1_SubMenuEntry/"

>1_1_SubMenuEntry is a folder, and at the folder level you specify what
>@index_page you want to use. That page identified, in the @index_page, is
>copied to /1_MenuEntry/1_1_SubMenuEntry/index.html at generate-site time.
>that what you were thinking?

Sounds good.

>> It should be possible that every menu entry (even the 1_MenuEntry) should
>> point to a file but not necessarily to a html-file (think of pdfs, images
>> or
>> so). 

>One way to handle this would be adding elements at the same level as 'page'
>to correspond to things you want to link to, e.g. <img
>id="menu-linked-img"/>. And then the nav.xsl would gather all those to
>display in the menu.

>But I would rather link to a page that included the (image | link to a PDF
>with an explanation) or some such thing.

For me it would be ok.But I think we would be more flexible if links aren't
restricted to html-files


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