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From "Ines Robbers" <>
Subject AW: Navigation problem
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 14:57:02 GMT
Hi Jeff,
> Let me see if I understand.  If we have:
> dir1/index.html
> dir2/index.html
> somefile.html
> You want a link to 'somefile.html' in both index.html files.  
> Is that right?
> Yet you want the HTML in somefile.html to magically change 
> tabs, depending on what linked to it? :)
> I think what you're looking for is HTML frames, so the top 
> frame, containing the tabs, doesn't change, and only the body 
> changes.  In Forrest, each page contains a static version of 
> the menu and tabs.  One page can never have two different tab 
> settings.

Yes, I discovered that so that why I did the following:

I stick my index file into a folder home which is one tab. (hence, I'm
not using xdocs/index.xml but instead xdocs/home/index.xml)
Then, in site.xml, I determine a menu for home/index.xml which includes
links to xdocs/studieninteressierte/index.xml and
There is no tab active anymore - studieninteressierte and studierende is
not a tab but just a page with an own menu that I defined in site.xml
Now, in the menus for studieninteressierte and studierende I have a link
to studnews/index.xml. When I click on Studien-News I want to get the
xdocs/studnews/index.xml page but keep the respective menu (either from
studieninteressierte or studierende). It's a bit like serverside

Is this really not possible *somehow* - even with a bad trick?




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