Jeff, Thanks. That's exactly what I want to do. I presume that I must simply maintain all the proper relativities in the links between these files, and back to the generated files? Peter Jeff Turner wrote: > On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 09:20:28PM +1000, Peter B. West wrote: > >>Hi, >> >>I haven't been following the argument for a few weeks, so I am after the >> currently recommended method of creating and integrating files which >>should source a .js file in script tags, and support javascript: hrefs >>which will have the effect of displaying/hiding foreign html in inline >>frames. In a previous life, the foreign html (including the html which >>referenced it) was dropped into src/documentation/content beside xdocs/ >> >>So, in a nutshell; >> >>How do I describe the main files? >>How do these files get the .js contents into the script element? >>Where do I put the foreign html and how do I refer to it? > > > You could have a regular well-formed HTML file: > > > >